Hi, I’m Melanie. Personal stylist and confidence coach and I’m a firm believer that when women feel confident they can take over the world. I mean it! It starts with how you feel when you walk out the door in the morning. I’ve seen women go from feeling completely insecure; with their head down and shoulders slumped, fidgeting with their clothes to walking into a room like they own the place; shoulders back, strutting their stuff and feeling fantastic. The shift? How they feel in their clothes.

Having unique personal style and feeling incredible in your clothes is the single most effective way to gaining more confidence, and it all starts with your closet.

Have you ever thought these things?
I hate getting dressed.
My clothes are nice but don’t fit into my lifestyle anymore.
I have tons of clothes and nothing to wear.
Nothing fits me but I don’t want to spend money on clothes.
My closet is full of clothes for someone that isn’t me anymore.
I never feel prepared or know how to accessorize.

When it feels like a party in your closet every time you get dressed, not only is it easy for you to find a rockin outfit, more importantly you can finally feel confident.

Here’s the truth: you are already awesome, smart and beautiful, and you just need your personal style to reflect that truth. This isn’t about being someone you’re not to impress someone else. This is about being more of who you ALREADY ARE, for you.

PICTURE THIS: You wake up excited to get dressed. You open your closet and it is SO well organized. You know exactly where everything is and can find what you need with ease. You are so confident in your ability to put a killer outfit together that you can’t wait to get started. Your closet is filled with clothes you love and that you know look good on you AND are so your style that you are giddy picking out what to wear. Your morning goes smoothly, you are out of the door on time, freshly showered and hair and makeup is lookin good. You leave your house feeling fantastic knowing that the day is going to be just a little bit better because you feel confident.

This CAN be your morning. I’m a busy working mama to 2 young kiddos and if this can be my morning, it can be yours! For realsies.

More About Me
(and how The Confident Closet was born)

The Confident Closet™ is the online course I was BORN to create. Even as a little girl, I would compliment random women on the street just to see them smile. Let’s face it, I’ve always been in love with the moment a woman lights up with confidence because she loves how she looks.

My career has taken me in many different directions, always with one main focus. Making every woman feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. I mean, is there a better job than that?!

As a theatrical costume designer, bridal stylist, and personal stylist to women all over the United States, I learned pretty quickly that the way to make a woman stand out was to give her an outfit that made her feel fantastic.

Once I became a mom, I had to really start applying my confidence principles in a new way. I needed quick, easy solutions to feeling amazing. When I felt like I was the best version of myself, I was no longer worried who would see me in the park, or at music class with my baby. My body was constantly changing sizes and I needed to find a way to make my clothes feel like me, fit me at different sizes and not break the bank. It was time to practice what I was preaching, and I started to think creatively.

For the first time, I was SCARED to clean out my closet. I was holding onto things that didn’t fit me because of sentimental value. I wasn’t taking care of my skin, hair or nails the way I knew I should to feel like the best version of myself. I no longer felt like my clothes represented the new version of me. All my clothes belonged to someone who didn’t exist. This is what I was facing every morning when I opened my closet….Umm, can you say “TOTAL BUMMER!” So I decided to make cleaning out my closet FUN.

I made snacks, put on my favorite tunes, called some friends, and had a party. It was awesome. Plus, something amazing happened during this process. I went through a huge, unexpected transformation.

I was not expecting the feeling of freedom that came along with purging my closet. There is nothing like that feeling of releasing clothes that aren’t you. You shed the old version of yourself and allow yourself to just BE YOU.

That is how The Confident Closet™ was born. Now it’s time for me to bring the party back to YOUR closet.

The Confident Closet™ is a 6 week long program chock full of beautiful diagrams, graphics, journaling exercises and informative videos. You’ll also have access to an incredibly encouraging private Facebook community where you can ask questions, receive support and have the added benefit of a collective group of women who are doing it WITH you.

Click on the week below for deets:

Week 1: The Beauty Basics

The beauty basics are the everyday beauty practices that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Before you can go into your closet, you need to be taking care of yourself in a way that makes you feel gorgeous.

What’s included:

Identifying YOUR Beauty Basics
The Best Products for Your Hair Type
You Got a Problem, Yo I’ll Solve It
Confidence Meter Diagram
When to Ditch Your Makeup
Showing Good Face

Week 2: Personal Style, Fit and Inspiration

This week is about how to find your own personal style, identify what shape you are and learn how to dress it. You also learn the importance of undergarments and accessorizing and ways to make actionable changes to feel more confident in both of those areas.

What’s included:

Me and My Style
The Five Shapes of the Confident Woman
Accessorizing for the Win
All You Need to Know About Underwear
Trusting Your Intuition
Your Morning Routine

Week 3: The Big Purge

This week is where we get down to the nitty gritty and clean out your closet. You'll learn how to let go of clothes you are holding on to for the wrong reasons, as well as how to make cleaning out your closet fun!

What’s included:

Why Are You Holding On To That?
Purging is Good For The Soul Worksheet
How to Purge Your Closet
Setting the Stage
Your Confident Closet Essentials List

Week 4:You Got This Girl (implementation week)

Since Week 3 is such a doozy, this week is meant to give you some extra time to clean every inch of your closet out. No jewelry box unturned.

What’s included:

What To Do With the Stuff You Don’t Want
Stores With Great Return Policies
You Deserve a Cocktail...dress
Your Orchid and Your Onion

Week 5: Organize the Sh*t Out Of It

It's time to get organized. That way, you have space for all your new things (you are going to buy next week) and everything has a home. You'll learn tricks on how to keep your clothes looking crisp in your closet, creative ways to store items that always give you a hassle and product suggestions for organizational ease.

What’s included:

The Four Core Principles for Killer Organization
Shoes, OMG, Shoes
The Kick Ass Way To Organize Your Clothes
Why Isn’t Your Closet Working for You
Key Pointers for Keeping your Clothes on Point
Ways to Make Your Closet Pretty (and Functional)

Week 6: Shopping and Maintaining

This week not only is about how to shop, but how to make sure you keep it up. From identifying your old shopping habits to noticing when you should take a shopping break, this week teaches you about how to do it all with ease and focus. This week is the week that will keep you from falling back into the same habits, preventing you from ever going back to your old closet ways!

What’s included:

Fabric Cheat Sheet
What to Bring Shopping
Warning Signs You Need a Break
When to Splurge and When to Save
Shopping online vs Shopping in a store
Old Habits Die Hard
Bonus Goodies from Amazing Experts:
  • melissahoffman

    Personal Branding Makeup and Hair Artist
  • jillianbermer

    Vintage Jewelry Guru of Sweet and Spark
  • kimcaldwell

    Bra Fitter Extraordinaire of Hurray Kimmay
  • rebeccamcloughlin

    Interior Live Designer of Beautiful Living
  • shaunabryant

    Sweet ass home cook and Slow Cooker Guru of Rockin’ Mom’s Kitchen
  • michellepowell

    Professional Organizer, Lifestyle Coach, Feng Shui Consultant of Some Like it Organized
  • sarahtmoore3

    Life and Business Coach of Live a Life You Love Coaching Agency
  • trish-lee

    Bridal Designer of Trish Lee San Francisco

The Confident Closet™ starts NOW!

You’ll have instant access to all 6 weeks worth of video content, bonus goodies, and sparkly downloads instantly so you can do the course on your own terms.

Yep! A course you can do in your pjs (although, unless you LOVE those pjs get them outta here!).

You’ll also be given lifetime access to the private Facebook community where we will be waiting to cheer you on and support your every move. I mean, let’s be honest. We are all in this together.

This course is going to be some work.

That gorgeous closet of yours ain’t gonna clean itself and sometimes, there are emotional attachments that can make the purging part of this process a little tough. That does NOT mean that cleaning out your closet can’t be fun. That being said…


  • You have no interest in working on your personal style or cleaning out your closet.
  • You feel like your closet is fine.
  • You aren’t really a fan of feeling great when you leave the house.
  • You just cleaned out your closet last week and feel like you did a great job.
  • You are someone who has a closed mind and doesn’t ever plan to listen to anyone’s advice.


  • You are ready to make a change.
  • You’re game to release clothes that aren’t doing you any good sitting in your closet.
  • You want to feel confident when you leave the house.
  • You are ready to make getting dressed feel like a killer party.
  • You want to feel confident in your beauty decisions.
  • You love the feeling of walking into a closet and knowing where everything is.
  • You want shopping to be easy and exciting.
LET’S BREAK IT DOWN. What you’ll get:

Weekly Videos from experienced personal stylist and confidence coach Melanie Kluger.

33 Never been seen before style sheets that have exclusive and unique information about style, closet organization, cleaning out your closet and shopping tips from an professional.

8 Featured Bonus Experts advice in their area of expertise from bras to makeup bags to releasing the emotion around purging, these bonuses are SO good.

Lifetime access to an incredible online community to help you feel supported and motivated.

Sign up today to be on your way to a clean closet and a new found confidence in

your personal style for limited time offering of $99!

What Everyone’s Raving About:
  • Normally I’m intimidated by talk of style and fashion, but with Melanie it’s always a blast. She’s approachable, understanding, and well, the girl knows about style! I love Melanie’s inside out approach and her dedication to women feeling good about themselves on the inside first. She’ll help you clear the clutter in your head and your closet, so what’s not the love about that! If you want to look good and feel good every day, I definitely recommend working with Melanie anyway you can!
    – Jennifer Covington of http://jennifercovington.com/

    Jennifer Covington
  • Melanie is the BEST. Seriously. After having my third kid, my body was doing some major grumping about it. Going from skinny, fat, pregnant, and chunky, I turned to Melanie to get my closet organized and my outfits on point. I was sick of feeling “frumpy” after having babies. I was still wearing the same maternity clothes because it was comfortable. With no sleep and chasing 3 boys all day long, I didn’t have time to be uncomfortable just to look good. It was just not gonna happen. Letting go of old stuff is no problem for me. But, it’s just finding the balance between comfortable and find MY style that was so challenging for me.
    Melanie managed to help me toss the stuff that didn’t flatter me, spruce up my accessories and help me find the secret sauce to being confident in my style and most importantly comfortable. A few key pieces with the right accessories and it totally works. Even my husband says how much he likes my new digs. Score! Now I only wear clothes that actually fit my body, have fun accessories to make things fun and even a few ta-da outfits when I get all fancy. It’s awesome.
    Also, I know I can always jump in the private Facebook group for community support. When I have a quick question about my outfit, I post it right to the group and get tons of positive feedback. That has been such a HUGE bonus for me that I didn’t think I needed but so glad it has been there.
    – Shauna Bryant of www.rockinmomskitchen.com

    Shauna Bryant
  • My style has evolved A TON over the last year and lately, every time I stepped into my closet I was met with frustration. Where do I start? How do I layer properly? Where should I shop? All of these things seemed a bit too overwhelming so I found myself putting off shopping for new clothes because I didn’t just need a few new pieces, I needed a total REVAMP of my wardrobe. I finally hit my breaking point and Melanie jumped in to save the day. Thanks to Melanie’s help and the worksheets she provided, I got rid of everything in my closet that didn’t fit my new style. I had created a pinterest board with my inspiration pieces on it and shared it with Melanie ahead of time so she could see the “look” and “style” of outfits I am drawn to. Although it may not be possible for everyone to do a complete overhaul of their wardrobe in one day — in just a few hours we hit some of my favorite stores (gap, jcrew, and a few others) and I bought some necessary “staple” items, along with a few layering pieces. She helped me figure out what things I could wear and re-wear depending on the “look” I was going for — layering has never been a strong suite of mine, but she helped me figure out how to keep it simple, while still feeling comfortable and fashionable. I left that day feeling so confident with my new pieces — and here I am, day 3 and feeling great! My closet is refreshed and I now feel excited about the endless outfit possibilities that I have. So thankful for the time and effort she put in to help me define my style and I can’t wait to see my closet (and confidence) grow from here! Thanks Melanie!
    – Krista Marie Lynch of http://www.kristamarielynch.com/

    Krista Marie Lynch
  • My big closet problem before Melanie’s help was that it was sparse and of the few pieces of clothing that I owned, I only really LOVED a couple items. I am so grateful for the Confident Closet checklist. Now when I go shopping, I know exactly what I need and I can focus on finding those quality staples instead of just aimlessly shopping. I think this will really help make shopping more fun and productive for me. I feel like I’m armed with some fantastic information that I can put into use over the next few months to a year to build my closet up to what I want it to be. All of the resources Melanie has created are helping me to really develop my own sense of style instead of trying to latch onto someone else’s!
    – Yvonne Ling Kao of www.yvonnelingkao.com

    Yvonne Ling Kao
  • I had been feeling frustrated with my clothes and my closet for years! I live in a studio apartment with my fiancé, and there is just not enough space for all of our stuff. I had a closet full of clothes, but felt like I only wore the same things over and over because my closet was so messy and stuffed that it was just easier to grab the same things. When I heard about The Confident Closet, I knew I needed to do it because I couldn’t figure out how to organize on my own.

    The Confident Closet helped me to purge out the clothes and shoes I had been holding onto, and not wearing. I had so many items that I was keeping because I thought it was better to have lots of options rather than a few key ones. Once I was able to get rid of the stuff that I never wore, I didn’t miss it at all. I realized that I still had lots of great pieces to mix and match together! I figured out what new pieces I needed to add in to have a wardrobe that I loved and looked great in. Now I love to look in my closet, because it is organized and I can see everything that I have. And I feel my money is well spent on clothes that I actually wear and feel good in. I feel much more confident in my style, which is really important to me and my clients as a Makeup and Hair Artist.
    – Melissa Hoffmann of www.melissahoffmann.com

    Melissa Hoffmann
  • Heading into my late twenties I realized my closet was a hot mess – half college leftovers and half ill-fitting Banana sweaters I bought in a hurry for my first job. I had collected a few decent pieces over the years, but they were buried under sequin halter tops and 10 years worth of jeans. Melanie to the rescue! Mel helped me sort through the piles – motivating me to get rid of the items that no longer fit or were no longer my style. With her eye we were able to pull out items that I could still utilize if I just paired them differently, which opened up tons of new possibilities! She gave me some tips on new pieces to pick up to round out my new, styled, thoughtful collection. With Melanie’s help I can quickly pull together a fabulous outfit! Rather than spending forever in my closet, frustrated that I have “nothing to wear” I head out the door feeling confident and living my life, instead of trying to get dressed for it!
    – Ali Savage

    Ali Savage
  • Melanie helped me sort out my closet, and it was as if I lifted ten layers of heavy weight off my life. I think I released about 50% of my clothes because she helped me to see how much I was holding onto energetically and emotionally, things I haven’t worn for 15 years, and no longer fit into. Now my closet only has things that I love and that I currently wear, and it feels amazing! I feel confident in each item because we made sure that I do. One of the best parts is also that I have a ton of new room in my closet and drawers. My take-away from Melanie is to release the old and make space for who I am today. I am going to make a time each season to release the old and make sure each piece in my closet is something I adore.
    – Michelle Long of Bloom Retreat

    Michelle Long
  • Melanie has helped me through a variety of life stages and clothing dilemmas. From preparing for my wedding to transitioning from Brooklyn to Vermont to maternity style and now working mommy style. Without her tutelage, advice, genuinely nurturing support and guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to maintain and establish my personal style. While my closet is still and will likely always be a work in progress, I’m much more confident now in my ability to pull together an outfit I feel and look good in for a variety of situations. And if I’m not already prepared, I know the right pieces to elevate what I have to support my needs. The private Facebook page just adds another level of support I never knew I needed. To have the ability to toss out a question, ask about styling a specific piece, talk about sales, discounts and bras, has been invaluable. Having the support of Melanie’s network in addition to her amazing talents is just what I need to ensure I don’t lose my style or sense of self in a rural setting as a working mom and grad student.
    – Katrina Goldfried

    Katrina Goldfried
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